Multifunctional FlashComp USB Stick

Your stick is not that as it looks like. We are proud to present you the V-Comp FlashComp-2016 stick with the wide scale of possibilities.

The stick has not only a huge storage capacity of 64GB and has extraordinary write/read rate, but the installed functionalities make it better, than a pure storage stick:

- 2GB - universal boot images
  . Ubuntu 14.04 LiveCD (64bit)
  . Ubuntu 14.04 installer for variable installations
    (64bit, incl. server)
  . FreeDOS for compatibility with ancient machines/software
  . tty Linux for rescue purposes
- 12GB - fully functional Ubuntu Gnome desktop 14.04 (64bit) installation
  inclusive office tools, mailing, universal chat client, ... etc.
- 48GB - NTFS (Windows ©) storage

With this stick you have your harddrive always with you. Your own environment can be started on any computer with USB boot capability.

Enjoy your new possibilities and don't forget the provider: www.v-comp.ch

A new V-Comp FlashComp stick can be created using the image from our web site, available under: FlashComp-2016

[ Linux user/password = flashadmin/FlashAdmin ]


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